Valdikliai LTDC-E saulės kolektorių sistemoms skirti saulės šildytuvų ir saulės kolektorių sistemų valdymui.

Large Temperature Difference Controller for basic solar systems with electric backup heating up to 3kW and control of circulation pump.
Attractive housing (H 163mm W 110mm D 51mm) with various installation possibilities. High-contrast lighted display with extensive full-text and graphic mode. Self-explanatory operation via 4 softkey entry keys.

Valdikliai LTDC-E pajungimas

sensor inputs for Pt1000 temperature sensors.
relay outpus 230VAC.
relay output voltage-free (only 230VAC, max. 3kW).
output 0..10V or PWM signal for speed control of high-efficiency pumps.

Valdikliai MTDC-E sistema

Solar with storage. Solar with storage and immersion heater.
Solar with storage and gas boiler. Solar with storage and heat pump.
Solar with storage and circulation. Solar with storage, immersion heater and circulation.
Solar with storage, gas boiler and circulation. Solar with storage, heat pump and circulation.

Valdikliai LTDC-E techninės savybės

Temperature sensor inputs Pt1000 3
Relay outputs 230V 1
Relay output voltage-free (only 230VAC, max. 3kW) 1
Outputs 0..10V or PWM signal
of which for speed control of high efficiency pumps
Number of applications 4
LEDs red/green for display of operating status Yes
Simple Heat metering Yes
Time and temperature-controlled thermostat function Yes
Battery-backed Real Time Cloc Yes
Legionella protection via solar Yes
Legionella protecion via additional heating Yes
Setup wizard Yes
System protection Yes
Collector protection Yes
Recooling Yes
Start logic for vacuum tube collectors Yes
Data storage with statistics and graphic analysis Yes
Error memory and analysis with date and time Yes
Menu blocker Yes
Power supply for universal voltage range (100...240VAC)
and reduced standby consumption
saule --08/28/2017